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September 28, 2009


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Comment given for Amanda

Comment given to Adalyn (scroll down to see mine)

“Hi baby this is a really really good piece of work considering that you did it w/o reference. And you used pen some more. Really v pro luh. I like the Monday – Friday concept. Your drawings are well detailed, me really like it!

(Hahahaha Artbox is a great place to window-shop. And the notebooks there are really cool too!!! Let’s go again someday :D)”

Comment given to Michelle

Comment given to Huiying

Comment given to Maria





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Title: Lomography fun

Media: –

Description: The last 3 pictures were taken from Flickr. I really forgot who is it from. (If you see your photo here and wish for me to credit, just drop a comment, thanks! :D) The last one was me trying to edit my own photo into something like that.

I’ve always liked the unnatural greenish-blue hues that come out in the films of some lomographs. Personally I like the second picture (out the last three no inclusive of mine, duh) the best. I like the roughness it has. Like from the construction site, the sand and soil, and the big machine (what’s it called??? Crane?). Adding on to the whole feel of the photo is the surrounding barren land. It. Is. Just. So. Beautiful.

I hope my photos (after developing) from my White Slim Angel come out as pretty as these photos too! Hahaha.

These photos are inspirations for me to edit my photos. I used Picnik to edit my photo and also gave vignetting to it.

Oh no I want a Fujifilm Instax and a Holga and a Diana with Fisheye lenses nao 😦


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Title: Modelling

Media: Wandong’s DSLR (idk what model and brand!)

Description: Honestly, I am NOT trying to sell my pictures here. I am NOT trying to get attention. So don’t comment on my pictures if you bear a personal grudge against me okay. Thank you v much. And thank you Wandong for helping me take these pics though I wuz just fooling around. I like the white! 🙂

Yes I know some of you may laugh at me for posting my personal photos up there, but I don’t do it cuz I think I’m oh-so-pretty. I just like the plain background used for professional model shoots. If you watch America’s Next Top Model, you may notice the plain background that those professional photographers use to take pictures of the models. With all the lighting and stuff like that, a plain background can make the picture looks simple yet so dynamic.

If you actually bother to click on the two links below, you can see how Tyra Banks, a vvvvvvv famous top model, had her photos taken with just a plain background. I think it is the expressions that make a model’s photograph so alluring to viewers. And that is also when a model is successful in taking another step forward in her career development.

The advantage of the plain background in these type of photos is that it gives the model some freedom to express herself using body language. She can stretch out as far as she want and it will not be too clashing with the surrounding environment because everything behind her seems to stretch out into a never-ending sea of white/whatever colour used.

It’s an inspiration to me as I’ve always wanted to take simplistic photos… And not just photos of people alone, I also would like to take photos of objects and their surroundings. (Refer to the Inspiration post regarding ‘neat platter that Jap sushi is always presented in’).

I shall grow up to be a model next time too don’t laugh at me 🙂

Oh god idol overload (!!!)

Tyra Banks 1

Tyra Banks 2

Idk who’s this

Photography Inspiration (Sunset)

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Title: Capturing my sunset

Media: Canon Powershot E1

Description: I came across a few photographs on Flickr, and I thought, “WOW SO SPECTACULAR!” And then I saw the chance to take some pictures of the sunset outside my window. I was uber happy ^^


Bale Of Straw during sunset

Brooklyn Bridge Sunset

There are many others on Flickr but these are my two personal favourites.

I don’t know why, I just like taking pictures of random sunsets and clouds. I have no idea where the clouds one went to though :/ Okay, I like photography. Can tell or not??? I got so many posts on photography. I think my whole inspiration will be based on photography lah!

Actually I have undeveloped rolls of films on my Whilte Slim Angel (it’s a film camera for those who don’t know), and there are some pictures of sunsets that I took. The sky is brighter in the undeveloped film because I took it at 5/6-ish pm. For the two pictures above, can see that the sky is like, more towards the night time alr right? (I took those photos around 7+ pm) Yeah I prefer the darker sunset to those sunsets with bright streaks of orange in the sky. Yup that’s my personal opinion for photographing sunsets 🙂

Inspiration from an art journal

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Title: Random doodles on the back of my writing pad

Media: Correction liquid 🙂

Description: I was inspired by this particular online Art Journal, and I did a doodle inspired by the drawings on it. It’s funny how this particular community, jr__nal, never fails to make my eyes widen at the sight of the contributors’ art journals.

Omg some of them are really pretty I wish I could do the same I love the collages I love their self created fonts I love how they make some quotes tie in with a particular piece of work on each journal page their artworks are just so fascinating I am in love

(Woo one whole sentence w/o any punctuation marks!)

I did this in a few Math lessons because it wuz so boring I didn’t have any interest (that will explain my Sec 4 EOY Math paper marks nooooooooo) and so I just slowly doodled until the whole cardboard backing was filled up. I really really reeeeally like the second picture though heheh.

Give me your comments!!! 🙂

Drawings of hands

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Title: Hand studies (correct term or not?)

Media: Pencil

Description: It’s actually my prep for my Sec 3 EOY Drawing and Painting. I shall not elaborate on my final work because I wanna focus on hand drawings in this post.

The first one is like, some emo person doing self-mutilation. WHERE IS THE JOY IN DOING THESE STUPID ACTS, I ASK YOU?!?! -huff n puff ok coooool down- The second one is drawn from Flickr, and the hand is gripping some wire on a fence/gate. The third one is drawn from first-hand observation, (as all art teachers strongly advise us to), my right hand holding a piece of rolled up paper. The fourth one is a candle moulded into the shape of a hand. It’s called a han-dle. Can you see the little flames on each fingertip of the han-dle? Heh 🙂

I really like doing pencil drawings. I don’t know why though. I like the third picture the most. For my standard it’s alr quite good okay! But still got room for improvements of course: I feel that the palm area is a little too big for the wrist. So maybe I should have drawn the wrist a little bigger. And add more shadings to the wrist area too 😀

Pictures from sketchbook

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Title: Some pictures from my self-bound sketch book

Media: (According to picture order:) Watercolour, colour pencil, pencil and pen, watercolour.

Description: I did this in Sec 2/3 (Not sure :/) and my painting skills are not up to standard boohoo 😦

The first one is a drawing of my right hand/fingers holding a shitake mushroom. I used pen for the finer details in the mushroom cap’s area. Click the pics to enlarge lah. The second one is a piece of chilli. It’s my favourite out of the four. For the third one, I used pen to draw the fine hairs on the kiwi. Then I used pencil to do the shading of the kiwi’s mesocarp (oh the wonders of Bio) and the shadow. The last one is an onion and I used pen to draw the root hairs and fleshy leaf layers too.

I could have improved on the kiwi’s shadow. It looks really fake. For the chilli, I could have added a darker red at the underside of the chilli to give it more tone.

Food photography inspiration

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Title: Sushi Photography as Inspiration for my Food Photography

(I took these photos from the net! Credits to Fotosearch and Flickr! :D)

Description: I have always loved food photography and one fine day I came across macro shots of various sushi. I was like, “Oh gawd I’ve give anything to eat these sushi naoooo!!!”

And then I realised that for food photography, the end photograph has to make the viewer salivate (yeah, like duh right? But I only realised on that day itself). So while I was celebrating my cousin’s birthday at Sakae Sushi, I decided to try and take macro shots of my sushi before gobbling them all up! You can see my final pictures under ‘Artworks’ heehee 🙂

What I like about these three photos are that each and every one of the rice grains are obvious, and the ingredients look really, really really fresh. The lighting also matters, as it will highlight various parts of the sushi. As for the overall presentation of the picture in sushi photography, the platter has to look as neat as possible.

My Coursework 2009’s Inspiration

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Title: There For Tomorrow – Pages

Media: Online video (Youtube)

Description: My coursework’s inspiration was this music video. To me, I think this video talks about the changes one experiences as he grows up.

Now we are changing ourselves to the people that we want to be, but we still remember those days before it all happened, so that even though we’ve turned the pages, we wont forget the last few sentences of that life before. This video can relate to my coursework as it talks of recapturing my childhood memories/opening a time capsule that I have made in the past. As I grow up, I may have forgotten some of the events that happened in throughout my childhood, but through doing this coursework, I remembered some of them.

Although there is change in my life, I still feel that my childhood has sort of ‘paved’ my inner character. Hmm, also, ‘pages’ represent my personal journal. I have always penned down my innermost feelings into this journal of mine, and some of the pages talk about how I miss my childhood and never want to grow up into an adult. I used some of the actual pages of my personal journal in my coursework as it is related to the theme of ‘childhood’.

Below is a picture of my prep board (Artist Reference):



Pinhole photography (2008)

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Title: Pinhole photography and film camera fun

Media: Ilford film and film camera

Descrption: We were supposed to take pictures of the school in special/interesting angles.

I learnt how to make my own pinhole camera using unwanted cans. We poked a small hole on the body of the tin can, then sprayed the inside of the tin can black. We used masking tape to tape up the hole and the opening of the can to ensure that light does not leak into the can while the film strip is inside it, as the film strip is very sensitive to light.

The first picture is developed by myself 😀 -sense of accomplishment- The rest of the photos were test-prints. Most of them were under-exposed, thus explaining all the white spaces in the film strips. I learnt a lot in this Photography module in 2008, and learnt how photo shops developed films using various chemicals like the developer etc. I also learnt that the amount of time for putting each film strip into the chemical bath matters too. Using the Dark Room was a lot of fun for me and my friends. I remember we took turns to develop our own films, and rely on each other to take note of the time.

I miss those days!!! 😦

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